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DSCP084 Series Shims

DSCP084 Series Shim Drawing
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Part Number Thickness
DSCP084-M200 2.00mm
DSCP084-M220 2.20mm
DSCP084-M225 2.25mm
DSCP084-M240 2.40mm
DSCP084-M250 2.50mm
DSCP084-M260 2.60mm
DSCP084-M275 2.75mm
DSCP084-M280 2.80mm
DSCP084-M300 3.00mm
DSCP084-M320 3.20mm
DSCP084-M325 3.25mm
DSCP084-M340 3.40mm
DSCP084-M350 3.50mm
DSCP084-M360 3.60mm
DSCP084-M375 3.75mm
DSCP084-M380 3.80mm
DSCP084-M400 4.00mm
DSCP084-M412 4.12mm
DSCP084-M420 4.20mm
DSCP084-M425 4.25mm
DSCP084-M438 4.38mm
DSCP084-M440 4.40mm
DSCP084-M450 4.50mm
DSCP084-M460 4.60mm
DSCP084-M462 4.62mm
DSCP084-M475 4.75mm
DSCP084-M480 4.80mm
DSCP084-M488 4.88mm
DSCP084-M500 5.00mm
DSCP084-M512 5.12mm
DSCP084-M520 5.20mm
DSCP084-M525 5.25mm
DSCP084-M538 5.38mm
DSCP084-M540 5.40mm
DSCP084-M550 5.50mm
DSCP084-M560 5.60mm
DSCP084-M562 5.62mm
DSCP084-M575 5.75mm
DSCP084-M580 5.80mm
DSCP084-M588 5.88mm
DSCP084-M600 6.00mm
DSCP084-M612 6.12mm
DSCP084-M620 6.20mm
DSCP084-M625 6.25mm
DSCP084-M638 6.38mm
DSCP084-M640 6.40mm
DSCP084-M650 6.50mm
DSCP084-M660 6.60mm
DSCP084-M662 6.62mm
DSCP084-M675 6.75mm
DSCP084-M680 6.80mm
DSCP084-M688 6.88mm
DSCP084-M700 7.00mm
DSCP084-M712 7.12mm
DSCP084-M720 7.20mm
DSCP084-M725 7.25mm
DSCP084-M738 7.38mm
DSCP084-M740 7.40mm
DSCP084-M750 7.50mm
DSCP084-M760 7.60mm
DSCP084-M775 7.75mm
DSCP084-M780 7.80mm
DSCP084-M788 7.88mm
DSCP084-M800 8.00mm

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