About Us

Two Million Pieces, Ready To Go
Our in-stock inventory includes more than 3000 different types of shims, spacers, washers, L-blocks, stop blocks, rough locators and other standard details.

Shim and Spacer Experts
For 70 years our customers have trusted us to quickly and cost effectively produce specialty precision shims, spacers and washers to meet a variety of requirements. Our vast experience and ever-expanding capabilities get the job done on time and in spec.

Specialty Rings and Washers
We will make any shim ring, ring spacer, washer or weld washer, in any quantity and any size, from any material.

Production Stamping
Our presses range from 19 to 80 tons, with automatic feed and roll straightening. Our experienced staff is skilled with a wide variety of die designs and materials.

Laser Cutting
Laser cutting with our state-of-the-art 2000 watt solid state fiber optic laser saves time and tooling costs for shorter runs and custom items.

Marking and Identification
We etch, engrave and stamp markings on a variety of materials, from single pieces to production runs. We can apply part numbers, logos and scale graduations.

Shim Stock
Our standard 1008-1010 full hard #1 temper #2 finish shim stock is available in metric and standard (inch) thicknesses, in standard widths up to 8 inches. We also carry a variety of raw shim stock, sold by the foot, to accommodate your specific width and thickness requirements.

Special Materials and Finishes
While our stampings are made primarily from shim stock, we are experienced with a wide variety of ferrous, non-ferrous, laminated and composite materials.

NAAMS Standard Components
Most of the NAAMS Assembly and Stamping standards are available through us with very short lead times. (Douglas Stamping Company was directly involved in the creation of the NAAMS standards!)

Business Philosophy

We are committed to providing quality products and premium, friendly service while continually improving our operations.

We take pride in sharing our knowledge and experience to help our customers meet their needs.


Douglas Bezanson founded Douglas Stamping Company in 1947, providing high quality stampings to the automotive industry. We became the primary shim manufacturer and provider to General Motors in the 1960's.

Over the decades, we have made it our business to keep up with current and defunct tooling component standards while maintaining a huge inventory to meet the needs of those building and servicing manufacturing and other equipment.

Clean Advantage

Douglas Stamping Company, Inc. participates in the Clean Advantage program, effectively reducing our fleet's CO2 emissions by up to 50%. The net result is a fleet among the cleanest on the road, while supporting habitats for wildlife, recreational spaces and clean landfills.