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Metric Round Washers

Metric Round Washer Drawing
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Dimensions in millimeters

Part Number O.D. I.D. Thickness Material, Plating and Heat Treat
1493919 48.77mm 11.94mm 4.83mm Steel
41-12-839-01 29.97mm 13.72mm 4.06mm Steel, Zinc
56ZM 2359-7 31.75mm 12.70mm 9.65mm Steel
56ZM 2359-9 25.4mm 9.65mm 3.30mm Steel
6022899 29.97mm 13.72mm 4.06mm Steel
F610515 14.78mm 5.64mm 1.48mm Steel, blue
F610618 18.59mm 6.76mm 1.48mm Steel, blue
F610825 24.94mm 9.01mm 1.95mm Steel, Blue
F611028 27.74mm 10.99mm 2.4mm Steel, Blue
F611234 33.69mm 13.43mm 3.00mm Steel, Blue
F611644 43.69mm 17.39mm 3.5mm Steel, Blue
F612050 49.69mm 22.06mm 4.05mm Steel, Blue
F612456 55.4mm 25.86mm 4.55mm Steel, Blue
F613072 71.4mm 32.71mm 5.05mm Steel, Blue
F613690 89.3mm 38.61mm 5.7mm Steel, Blue
F621227 26.35mm 14.2mm 3.85mm Steel, Blue, 38-45 Rc
F621634 33.2mm 18.2mm 3.85mm Steel, Blue, 38-45 Rc
F622042 41.2mm 22.25mm 3.85mm Steel, Blue, 38-45 Rc
F622244 43.2mm 24.25mm 4.00mm Steel, Blue, 38-45 Rc
F622450 49.2mm 26.25mm 4.00mm Steel, Blue, 38-45 Rc
F622756 55.05mm 30.25mm 4.00mm Steel, Blue, 38-45 Rc
F623060 59.05mm 33.3mm 4.00mm Steel, Blue, 38-45 Rc
F623672 71.05mm 39.3mm 4.00mm Steel, Blue, 38-45 Rc
FSD 14010 29.97mm 13.72mm 4.06mm Steel
FSD 14014 31.75mm 14.22mm 1.52mm Steel
FSD 14083 38.10mm 13.46mm 9.65mm Steel
FSD 14091 38.10mm 16.51mm 6.35mm Steel
FSD 14101-1 44.45mm 11.18mm 3.30mm Steel
FSD 14101-2 44.45mm 14.22mm 3.30mm Steel
FSD 14103 20.57mm 13.72mm 1.52mm Steel
FSD 14119 38.10mm 16.51mm 2.29mm Steel
FSD 14120 31.50mm 10.67mm 3.30mm Steel
FSD 14121 38.10mm 13.72mm 3.30mm Steel
FSD 14121-52 58.80mm 13.72mm 3.30mm Steel
FSD 14123 26.92mm 13.97mm 5.08mm Steel
FSD 14124 31.75mm 17.02mm 5.08mm Steel
FSD 14125 26.92mm 13.97mm 12.70mm Steel
FSD 14126 20.57mm 13.97mm 3.05mm Steel
FSD 14128 31.75mm 13.46mm 4.83mm Steel
FSD 14150 20.57mm 10.41mm 2.54mm Steel
FSD 14151 22.35mm 13.46mm 2.54mm Steel
FSD 14162 54.10mm 12.70mm 9.65mm Steel
FSD 14163 43.43mm 25.40mm 3.05mm Steel
FSD 14170 47.75mm 25.91mm 3.81mm Steel
FSD 14182 38.10mm 22.35mm 3.30mm Steel
FSD 14184 19.05mm 10.41mm 2.54mm Steel
FSD 14312 15.75mm 5.33mm 2.54mm Steel
FSD 32788 44.45mm 16.51mm 2.29mm Steel
FSD 32789 41.15mm 16.51mm 2.29mm Steel
FSD 36577 12.70mm 5.33mm mm1.52mm Steel
P111005 35.05mm 12.7mm .31 Steel
STD 40-1 31.75mm 16.76mm 3.30mm Steel
STD 40-2 25.40mm 13.46mm 3.30mm Steel
STD 40-3 31.75mm 19.81mm 3.30mm Steel
STD 40-4 25.40mm 9.65mm 3.30mm Steel
STD 40-5 50.80mm 26.16mm 4.83mm Steel
STD 40-6 57.15mm 32.51mm 4.83mm Steel
STD 40-7 38.10mm 19.81mm 4.83mm Steel
STD 40-8 63.50mm 26.92mm 6.35mm Steel
WT134-57 44.45mm 31.75mm 1.52mm Steel
WT140X-56 35.05mm 25.91mm 3.81mm Steel

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